Get stronger, calmer, and more resilient with every Yoga District class you take. You’re also doing good when you practice with us – your purchase of $14 or less per class directly supports our yoga outreach programs to those in need.

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Thousands around the world join our live-streaming, interactive classes. Over 20 classes daily, from beginner to advanced.

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Down-to-earth yoga and meditation classes across 6 DC studios. Featuring a wide variety of inspiring teachers & styles.

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Get some fresh air with us. Rejuvenating yoga classes across DC parks will help you stay serene this spring.


Our affordable, top-rated training focuses on a wide variety of yoga styles, inclusivity, and trauma sensitivity. Offered three times a year, our trainings are directed by founder of the George Washington University yoga teacher training program and Advisor to the Yoga Alliance Training Standards Committee, Jasmine Chehrazi. Learn why our graduates call the training “transformative.”

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The war on civilians in Palestine is wrong. That’s why we’ve donated thousands to MSF, Anera, and the Red Cross. We also act locally by offering yoga outreach programs across DC including the DC prison, DC public schools, Christ House, and more. To keep the goodness going, just keep practicing with us at the studios.

If you’re interested in our top-rated, trauma-sensitive yoga teacher training program and if you identify as Black, we would love for you to apply for a scholarship to join the training 4/9-6/2. We have two of four scholarships left for Black yogis in the training, offered as part of our Black History Month celebrations.

Explore a pose to unlock a sense of deep balance, strength, and powerful resilience with Morgan. Her workshop breaking down bird of paradise pose will guide you through detailed alignment, tailored modifications for your unique practice, and tips to face your fears to rise up with grace and confidence.

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More five star ratings on yelp than any other studio in DC.

Voted best yoga studio in the Washington City Paper for over five years.

Voted best yoga studio by readers of the Washington Post Express for years.

“…Teachers as dedicated as any in Washington… [with] classes costing about half what many studios in the city charge.”

The Washington Post

At Yoga District you won’t break the bank paying for classes… [There’s] a more relaxed and casual atmosphere at their studios, with students praising the positive environment. That is one of the many reasons Yoga District was voted the ‘Best Yoga Studio in D.C.'”


Yoga District staff and instructors are incredibly welcoming and kind… I love their variety of classes and locations. Since the pandemic they have made the switch to virtual classes so well – I hardly feel the difference. And they are affordable! I love their mission to make yoga accessible to everyone.”

Amanda Z.. Yoga Student

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the satisfaction of Stuffing

the satisfaction of Stuffing

Wherever you spend the winter season, you can bring warmth and soothing intentions to your dinner table. Why not serve up a cornerstone to many winter meals: stuffing and gravy!  “Stuffing” is different everywhere with some people calling it dressing. No matter how...

the present + Practice + Non-Attachment = Yoga

the present + Practice + Non-Attachment = Yoga

If you’ve ever wondered about yoga philosophy and how we approach it in our teacher trainings, take a peak with Jasmine's discussion of a central teaching from the Yoga Sutras. Find out how trying really hard and being without a care relate to your yoga practice. You...

Yoga and peace

Yoga and peace

  Ever wonder how yoga relates to justice and peace? Check out a blog post by Yoga District founder Jasmine on how our yoga practice can serve as self care and as a practice of peace in its own right. From teachings of former Harvard Professor Ram Das to Nobel Peace...

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