Get stronger, calmer, and more resilient with every Yoga District class you take. You’re also doing good when you practice with us – your purchase of $14 or less per class directly supports our yoga outreach programs to those in need.

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Thousands around the world join our live-streaming, interactive classes. Over 20 classes daily, from beginner to advanced.

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Down-to-earth yoga and meditation classes across 6 DC studios. Featuring a wide variety of inspiring teachers & styles.

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Get some fresh air with us. Our small outdoor classes are at parks across DC, weather permitting.


Our affordable, top-rated training focuses on a wide variety of yoga styles, inclusivity, and trauma sensitivity. Offered three times a year, our trainings are directed by founder of the George Washington University yoga teacher training program and Advisor to the Yoga Alliance Training Standards Committee, Jasmine Chehrazi. Learn why our graduates call the training “transformative.”

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 This autumn, your practice at Yoga District supports our classes with the DC Department of Corrections, pictured here. We also have classes for social workers and youth at DC public schools, Christ House, and more.  To keep these classes going, just keep practicing with us.

A FREE Soundbath Relaxation Meditation with Jennifer A. is happening this Friday as part of Glover Park’s Art All Night celebration! Just hop over to our Glover Park location for a welcoming, restful experience exploring the power of live acoustic sound and vibration.  As always, all are welcome.

Hips, groin, adductors! It’s time to take some deep breaths and work on them. Beloved Yoga District teacher Dheeya R., with special guest teacher, Bhavini, are ready to help guide you through an amazing practice focusing on these areas, coupled with amazing breathing practices and a meditation to help you let it go.

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More five star ratings on yelp than any other studio in DC.

Voted best yoga studio in the Washington City Paper for over five years.

Voted best yoga studio by readers of the Washington Post Express for years.

“…Teachers as dedicated as any in Washington… [with] classes costing about half what many studios in the city charge.”

The Washington Post

At Yoga District you won’t break the bank paying for classes… [There’s] a more relaxed and casual atmosphere at their studios, with students praising the positive environment. That is one of the many reasons Yoga District was voted the ‘Best Yoga Studio in D.C.'”


Yoga District staff and instructors are incredibly welcoming and kind… I love their variety of classes and locations. Since the pandemic they have made the switch to virtual classes so well – I hardly feel the difference. And they are affordable! I love their mission to make yoga accessible to everyone.”

Amanda Z.. Yoga Student

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Being a Yogi Environmentalist

Being a Yogi Environmentalist

In yoga traditions, our connection to the Earth is an important part of the practice. The word yoga is derived from sanskrit yuj, which means “union”(1). This “union” mentioned so often in yoga texts extends beyond our physical bodies. It encompasses the metaphysical...

Refreshing Watermelon Slushie

Refreshing Watermelon Slushie

Find some relief from the soaring summer heat with delicious watermelon! This watermelon slushie is easy and healthy. Besides being refreshing, it provides a lot of health benefits. I developed this recipe years ago when dealing with the unrelenting heat of summer...

Remember to breathe

Remember to breathe

Anya, a member of the Yoga District community, shares her powerful relationship with breathe and her journey to breath.   I grew up fearing my own breath and fearing my own body. As a child, I was raised with the kind of religion that espouses “if I die before I...

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