Check out what some of our graduates have to say about Yoga District’s 200 hour teacher training! Please also feel free to take a class with any one of our many graduates teaching on staff at Yoga District.

“I appreciated that everything started and ended on time. Really well organized. This helped a lot, because even though it was a whole lot of information, I’m not confused or overwhelmed. I’m confident I can teach anyone.”

“It has been a great program. You did an amazing job teaching and leading the program. I can see the transformation in so many people in the class.”

“The extensive program has been an amazing experience and it gave me the skills I need to successfully teach yoga and its philosophies. In addition, coming from a business background, I think the course taught many valuable skill sets that people in or looking to be in managerial and leadership roles will find very useful to help them grow in their career.”

“I feel capable of teaching yoga to diverse audiences in many different communities. How would I evaluate this training session? Excellent!”

“I loved, loved, loved being exposed to different teachers, different teaching styles and different methods.”

“Sixteen hours of class for thirteen weekends sounded nothing less than terrifying when I was trying to decide if it was the “right” time to sign up for Yoga District’s Extended Teacher Training. I am so thankful I took the plunge and set my fear of “losing my weekends” aside. There never would have been a “right” time! I am grateful for every single weekend of teacher training, and it has truly caused a shift in how I live my life and how I see the world. I think the greatest strength of the program is its teachers. Jasmine and all of the guest teachers we learned from are deeply inspiring, humble, and generous in their dedication to sharing their diverse experiences and knowledge of yoga.”

“Before training, I was highly skeptical that I would feel ready to start teaching anyone by the end of training. To my surprise, as a result of all the practice teaching embedded in training, and the thoughtful feedback from highly-experienced teachers, I do feel ready! I have a lot left to learn, but teacher training has inspired in me the passion to start sharing these teachings and the confidence to just start where I am.”

“Your passion seeps through everything you say and do and it was quite encouraging to have you be the leader of the program. The way [the teachers] meticulously went through each pose was thoughtful and accurately necessary.”

“I just feel so grateful for your teachings and guidance… it meant so much to me.”

“Skills training equipped me with:
– Confidence to teach through practice teaching and getting feedback on Dharma 1 and Power class I taught, and through inspiring words of teachers about their experiences
– Understanding alignment
– Understanding concepts of modification
– Understanding the importance of making students feel comfortable, meeting their specific needs
– Basic understanding of yogic philosophy, much easier to read books now because I have that base line understanding and I can absorb a lot more than before
– How to give precise cues and be conscious of the energetic effect of your cues
– So many things…. I think you guys know you share SO MUCH during this training. It never felt like time was being wasted. This training has been so RICH! That seems like the best word to describe it. I wish I could have a video recording of every session so I could go back and relive it, and absorb more, because it was so rich that I am sure I missed a lot! There was always, always something to learn. I always felt engaged. Before training, I couldn’t imagine that you’d be able to fill 16 hours per weekend for 13 weeks with engaging material. I figured there would be lots of “fluff” to meet the requirements for the 200-hour certification. (I know, kind of cynical of me, but I have been to so many trainings on other subjects that are filled with fluff). But it was the opposite! I left every weekend wanting to stay and learn more. I am amazed and intrigued and deeply grateful. Thank you.”

“I want to let you know how much this yoga teacher training has helped me. I am more aware and intentional of my actions. I have been kinder to myself and more conciderate to others. And I am physically stronger too. I am biking and running faster and looking forward to the start of my triathlon racing season in a few weeks.”

“…this was a thoughtful, supportive and inspiring training program that allows you to reflect, grow and share.”

“i loved the intensive, and seriously miss 7 am breathing and meditating and chanting, who’d a thunk?
other things that were great:
— meeting/ interacting with/ practicing with different teachers, hearing their journeys
— workshops on pregnancy, kids, restorative, etc — so clear and simple
— an overall theme, “so clear and simple” — you never talked down to us, you always treated us as colleagues, and i am blown away by how SMART and PASSIONATE and DOWN TO EARTH everyone involved with Yoga District is. guess that’s why i adore it. you’ve created something amazing and rare.
— same goes for studying Sutras and Gita — clear, simple, encouraging of dialogue and free thought. loved it.”

“I came into the training hoping to learn how to teach yoga to the homeless. Now that I teach at a family homeless shelter, kids yoga, and at a yoga studio in my area I see how different my life is now. I am different and my whole world is different. Thank you.”

“I really appreciated the yoga for trauma section of the training. I think that it will inform my teaching style and relates well to my desire to teach gentle yoga. I believe many of the modifying ideas could be applied to gentle yoga as well. In addition, people come to all levels of yoga classes for a range of personal reasons and it important to be informed about modifications and sensitive.”

From a happy student:
“[the teacher, a recent graduate of the yd tt program] is very good. So many great teachers come out of your program.”



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