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I’ve been going here once a week or so for the last 6 months. I love that it’s affordable and non-pretentious. I had literally never done yoga before I came here.

Melissa D, Southwest DC

The 14th Street location is a wonderful example of the Yoga District standards: affordable yoga in a welcoming, unpretentious atmosphere led by excellent teachers. Highly recommend.

Catherine R, Washington DC

If I could rate this studio more than 5 stars, I would!

As a frequent traveler and yogi, I am always looking for a place to practice on y travels. As I was walking DuPont Circle this morning, I came across Yoga District. I grabbed a schedule, and spoke to one of the teachers who just finished teaching a class. I wish I got his name because he was super friendly and helpful. I was SOLD when I found out the classes were $11!! I got a new student special…..2 classes for $11.

An hour later, I was back and ready to practice! The studio is so nice and quaint. The room has slanted walls with so much natural light coming in and it makes the room nice and intimate. That is one of the things I am most drawn to in yoga studios is the space itself.

Many studios always say ‘leave your ego at the door’ and I feel that Yoga District talks the talk. The people as well as the energy was positive and enlightening.

I will definitely be returning before I leave and will be back the next time I am in DC!

-Jennifer W., London, UK

“I’ve been to this studio several times and every experience is great! They offer a variety of yoga classes and are welcoming to beginners. I’m definitely not a flexible person and every instructor I’ve had has made sure to show me modified poses so that I don’t injure myself. Definitely check it out.”

-Yasmine A., Washington D.C.

“Yoga District is one of the things I’d miss most should I move out of DC. I love the teachers, I love the variety of classes, I love the multiple locations, and I love that I can go to class after a rough day and emerge a whole new person. If you haven’t gone yet, you should. Julia’s Tuesday 6:35 class is inspiring. Christina’s yogalates classes are fun and get my abs and legs ready for bikini season. Kat K’s classes are meditative and wonderful. Rachel’s Saturday 10:15am class is a major workout and fantastic! I could go on and on. So many great classes at the Dupont location (don’t even get me started on the other locations – so awesome!). I think that my unlimited pass at Yoga District is one of the best things that I’ve done in DC.”

-Danica J., Olympia, Washington

Are you new to yoga and totally lost as to what it means to “flow into down dog?” Great! Are you a practiced veteran looking to deepen your practice? Equally fantastic! Are you a broke person living in DC who thought that you’d never be able to afford to go to yoga and also eat? This is your place- the reasonable prices and ENORMOUS class selection make it possible to actually practice yoga without going broke!

Honestly, Yoga District embodies what it means to truly practice yoga. Everyone’s journey is different but for me, the core tenets of a successful practice are inclusivity, instruction, guidance, and accessibility. Yoga District has a policy supporting all of those and more- they preach community and they practice it here too. Go get your Namaste on here!

Tiffany T, Washington DC

We hire our own teacher training graduates because we stand by our training. Others do too. Here are some other organizations that hire our graduates

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By taking classes at Yoga District, you’re helping our sister non-profit, Yoga Activist, support yoga outreach programs for trauma survivors across the country.


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