The end is near — NOT!


It’s not the end according to a humanitarian leader who has inspired many Yoga District teachers, staff and founder who provides awesome guidance quoted below. The idea of there being an “end” or apocalypse  is just an easy way out. As attractive as an end might be, it’s just a fantasy that takes us away from our normal daily work, routine and concerns. But perhaps instead of hiding from our duties by obsessing with “the end,” it’s now time, more than ever, to address our daily way of life and work on it. Every moment is an opportunity to practice.

So I’m asking myself how every word, every thought, every action reflects my values. And I keep checking in with those foundational values, asking myself which are my values love-based and which are fear-based, and then I work on discarding the fear-based values. Try on this practice, even if just for a day or a moment.

And of course the practice that Yoga District is founded on to deal with all of this (to deal with anything, really) is yoga asana – we use the body as the most basic, foundational gateway to higher awareness by putting the body in various positions (yoga poses) and paying attention to it. As we become hyper aware of the body, we practice sensitivity and awareness. So we strengthen our awareness like we strengthen any muscle, and then we can apply that strengthened awareness towards greater perceptivity and receptivity in all situations. We tune in with our highest levels of being. We make better decisions, we dont stress out as much, and with a lot of practice we can walk in step with Ghandi, Amma (quoted below), or any teacher who has inspired us.

If you have thoughts on this stuff feel free to post below, but check out some advice from the great humanitarian leader Amma first:

At the recent retreat in Michigan held in November 2012 during Atma Puja, Amma shared this message with a sense of great urgency. Amma said that Mother Nature is very agitated at the moment and that there is a lot of turbulence in our hearts and our minds. “We need to cool down the atmosphere” She said. Amma has requested all Her beloved children to chant “Aum Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu” (May all beings be happy and peaceful) everyday for five minutes,  each time after waking up and before going to bed.

Amma said. “Please pray for world leaders to have patience and use their words carefully. With world leaders, one angry word can lead to a war. Please make a very firm resolve: ‘I will not say anything hurtful or negative to anyone’… and think carefully many times before even uttering a word.  There is a great deal of negative vibrations in the atmosphere and we shouldn’t use negative speech at this time, especially, and even towards our enemies. Pray that everyone has the power of will, to be patient, compassionate and loving.”

The Teachers

The diverse family of DC yoga teachers at Yoga District are dedicated to making yoga accessible to everyone through a huge variety of yoga class types, from vinyasa flow to restorative and beyond. Most Yoga District teachers are graduates of Yoga District’s nationally-attended 200 hour teacher training program. All Yoga District classes focus on coordinating breath with body movement to promote flexibility, strength, and peace of mind. We strongly believe in yoga as therapy, so catch one of our classes whenever you need a healthy dose of self-care.
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The Next Step

The Yoga District 200 and 500 hour teacher training certification programs, registered by the Yoga Alliance are unique in their emphasis on diversity of teaching styles studied, personal attention, and trauma sensitive yoga. It's no coincidence that Yoga District is regularly voted the leading studio in the nation's capital, and that most of its classes are taught by graduates of its training program. As a full time yoga school, small group trainings are led up to eight times a year by a dedicated faculty including Jasmine Chehrazi, contributor to the Harvard Karma Yoga Project teacher training, teacher training faculty at George Washington University, Yoga Alliance Standards Committee Advisory Board Member, Yoga Activist Founder, and Yoga Service Council Advisory Board Member. So take your practice and community involvement to the next level by joining a training. There's a reason why our graduates call the training "transformative."
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