I'll admit one of the hardest parts of yoga for me is showing up! Sometimes life gets in the way and I don't prioritize my yoga practice as much as I should. When I'm cozy in bed on a Monday morning it's hard to remember why I thought I'd like to go to Sunrise yoga at 7:15am anyway. 'I'll go later' I think and then slip back into sleep.

But when I do go to class, I feel so good afterward and tell myself I'll keep it up and get to class more often. But then what happens?

Any habit is hard to commit too. As humans we prefer instant gratification to the gratification we know we'll get at the end of a yoga session, or at the end of a month when our bodies look better, or at the end of a week when our minds feel clearer because of a consistent yoga practice.

So how do I get myself to go? It's not always easy. But I love to schedule the classes online a week in advance. That way I know I signed up and I'll feel guilty if I don't show up. Then I can base my schedule around yoga. There are so many class times I can always find one that fits.

Or I think of something to get myself excited about going to yoga – trying out a new class or studio or teacher. I also check in with my sister via e-ail daily and let her know what exercise I've done that day. It motivates us both to do something so we'll have an activity to report!

What works to get you to yoga???

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