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Yoga Teacher Training: Beyond Asana

Sep 16, 2021   //   by Charon   //   Holistic Wellness, Openness, Self-Care, The Blog, Training, Yoga Ethics, Yoga Teacher  //  No Comments

Yoga CommunityIn this blog post, Aaron shares his experiences learning about the holistic nature of Yoga during Yoga District’s 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training (YTT).

He now incorporates these teachings in his own practice and looks forward to sharing them with his future students.


Teacher Feature: Meet Mana!

ManaMeet Mana, beloved Yoga District teacher and a valued member of our community. Mana was recently nominated in Washington City Paper’s “Best Of” for Best Yoga Instructor in the greater DC area. Learn how Mana discovered yoga on a trip through Southeast Asia, and how she became the teacher she is today. 

Check out Mana’s current class offerings and sign up here

  • Monday, 6:30 AM: Ashtanga Mysore Style @ 14th St Studio and online
  • Monday, 12:10 PM: Ashtanga Flow @ Petworth Studio and online
  • Tuesday, 6:30 AM: Ashtanga Mysore Style @ 14th St Studio and online
  • Wednesday, 12:10 PM: Ashtanga Flow 1.5-2 @ Petworth Studio and online
  • Thursday, 6:30 AM: Ashtanga Mysore Style @ 14th St Studio and online
  • Thursday, 6:30 PM: All Levels Flow @ Petworth Studio and online
  • Friday, 12:15 PM: Flow Express All Levels @ Petworth Studio and online
  • Sunday, 9:00 AM: Ashtanga Led Primary 1.5-3 @ online only
  • Sunday, 12:45 PM: Ashtanga Flow 1.5-3 @ H St Studio and online


Yoga Teacher Training: Learning To Teach

I used to think of teaching yoga mainly in terms of sequencing together poses. But during my teacher training, I’ve come to appreciate that there’s other parts that are equally as important. A large part of my shift in perspective is driven by being able to practice different styles of yoga and study ethical concepts like inclusivity in the classroom.


Teacher Feature: Meet Andrea B!

Meet Andrea B., one of our senior teachers at Yoga District! Learn about her journey with yoga and meditation. Throughout her practice she always allows herself to begin anew. Check out Andrea B.’s current class offerings and sign up here!

  • Sunday, 9:00 AM: Yoga 1.5 – 2 @ Online
  • Tuesday, 7:30 AM: Free Community Meditation @ Online
  • Tuesday, 5:15 PM: Strength and Mobility Happy Hour @ Online
  • Tuesday, 5:15 PM: Strength and Mobility Happy Hour; Vaccinations and Distancing Req’d @ Petworth



Climate Policy Outreach: Environmentalism as a Yoga Practice

Aug 12, 2021   //   by Hailey   //   Activism, Community, Environmentalism, Green Living, The Blog, Yoga District Community, Yoga Ethics  //  No Comments

Environmentalism as a Yoga Practice - Trees In the first post of this series, we explored the idea of environmentalism as a yoga practice. This blog also examined the link between yoga ethics and activism. Additionally, we looked into how the ethical foundation of yoga guides us towards active love for ourselves and our communities. Right now, it’s clear that our communities – and our planet – need some love.





Yoga Teacher Training: Building Community

In this blog post, Aaron shares his experiences being a part of a Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) community. Learn about how YTT teachers foster a sense of community during training and encourage their trainees to build communities through their own practices.


Conscious Eating: Using the Seasons to Guide our Palettes

Jul 29, 2021   //   by Audrey   //   Conscious Eating, Green Living, Holistic Wellness, Mindfulness  //  No Comments

Along with sunny weather and relaxing beach days, summer provides us with a wealth of produce. Whether you’re picking your own peaches, browsing through a farmers market, or grabbing tomatoes at the grocery store, there are many opportunities to take advantage of all the produce that summer has to offer.

However, delicious produce isn’t only available in the summer – you can get a variety of fruits and vegetables at any time of the year! In this blog post, we’ll explore the practice of seasonal eating and consider how it relates to conscious eating. We’ll also discuss some of its advantages and offer tips for those hoping to practice seasonal eating this summer or all-year-long.


Community Spotlight: Meet Taite!

Jul 22, 2021   //   by Hailey   //   Community, Openness, Self-Care, The Blog, Yoga Classes, Yoga District Community, Yoga Practice  //  No Comments

Taite - Community Spotlight

Yoga District is a community of incredible people! Our wonderful students, teachers and staff make us more than just a yoga studio. Join us each month as we spotlight a member of our community. 

This month we highlight Taite, an intern at our studios and an integral member of the Yoga District community. Read about how yoga has helped her find healing and connect to her body. 


Yoga Teacher Training: A New Chapter

Jul 15, 2021   //   by Charon   //   Holistic Wellness, The Blog, Training, Yoga District Community, Yoga Teacher  //  No Comments

IntroEver thought about becoming a yoga teacher?  Or at the very least, wondered what happens during teacher training? Is it non-stop yoga classes, will there be a sense of community, will I just learn a bunch of yoga poses or is there much more to it?

Join Aaron, a Yoga District’s teacher trainee, as he shares his current teacher training experiences through a series of posts. Find out what happens in yoga teacher training and if it might be something you would want to try yourself.


Be Green- Energy Saving Guidance

Jul 6, 2021   //   by Hailey   //   Environmentalism, Green Living, The Blog  //  No Comments

Powering our homes with clean energy is one of the most important things we can do to address climate change. 

You want to do your part to not waste energy but there are limited options for renters to switch to renewable energy. Yet seemingly infinite ways to improve energy efficiency and reduce consumption at home.

Learn how to power your home with clean energy, save money and combat climate change with these energy efficiency tips!



The Teachers

The diverse family of DC yoga teachers at Yoga District are dedicated to making yoga accessible to everyone through a huge variety of yoga class types, from vinyasa flow to restorative and beyond. Most Yoga District teachers are graduates of Yoga District’s nationally-attended 200 hour teacher training program. All Yoga District classes focus on coordinating breath with body movement to promote flexibility, strength, and peace of mind. We strongly believe in yoga as therapy, so catch one of our classes whenever you need a healthy dose of self-care.
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The Next Step

The Yoga District 200 and 500 hour teacher training certification programs, registered by the Yoga Alliance are unique in their emphasis on diversity of teaching styles studied, personal attention, and trauma sensitive yoga. It's no coincidence that Yoga District is regularly voted the leading studio in the nation's capital, and that most of its classes are taught by graduates of its training program. As a full time yoga school, small group trainings are led up to eight times a year by a dedicated faculty including Jasmine Chehrazi, contributor to the Harvard Karma Yoga Project teacher training, teacher training faculty at George Washington University, Yoga Alliance Standards Committee Advisory Board Member, Yoga Activist Founder, and Yoga Service Council Advisory Board Member. So take your practice and community involvement to the next level by joining a training. There's a reason why our graduates call the training "transformative."
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