New Year, Same You But Better: Reflection and the Detox Workshop

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The start of the new year brings a lot of reflection.

Some people are a fan of new year’s resolutions. Others find that instead of focusing on one goal it is more helpful to think of a word that serves as the theme for the new year. Still others take a more relaxed and “go with the flow” approach to it all.

In order to move forward, it is important to leave behind what isn’t serving you anymore. Here are some strategies that can help you get rid of the old and make way for the new:

Create an Intention Board for 2018

Use something more broad like “be kinder to myself” or specific like “try something new at least once every few weeks.” You can create one for the whole year or break it up month by month.  If you go the month-by-month route, generate new intentions based on the season and what else is going on in your life at that time.

Destinate 1 Word to Serve as the Theme for 2018

For example, your 2018 word could be “empower.” As you go about each day, you can think “how can I empower not only myself but others?”

Reflect on What isn’t Serving You Anymore

What are you longing to change? How can you let it go? Talking it out with a friend or loved one or journaling about it can be helpful.

Check out our “Detox a New You” Workshop

January 28th 2:15-4:15 at the 14th Street studio 

It will feature a practice focused on clearing space physically and energetically. Sign up here

Students will work on building internal heat with twisting, core awakening, and hip opening poses. The sequence will help release stress and tension to physically and/or emotionally make space for a revitalized sense of your own purpose and power.

Yoga District welcomes devoted yogi Gil as a guest teacher for this special workshop.  Gil is dedicated student of yoga since discovering it at age of 20 and becoming a yoga teacher by age of 25. He has previously attended trainings with world-renowned teachers: Seane Corn, Richard Freeman, and Mark Stephens. Gil has adapted some of Seane’s Detox Flow practice and sequence to increase its benefit for this workshop.

We hope to see you on “Detox a New You” Workshop! You can sign up for it here.




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