zzz – 2012 Yoga District Financials

Better late than never… Yoga District is pleased to release its 2012 tax returns.  Yes, we nearly operate at a loss in dollars, but our profits are infinite because Yoga District is founded on the belief that all being have a right to be happy, peaceful and free. Practicing yoga can help us realize and exercise that right.

So we’re staying true to our non-profit mission to make high-quality yoga and mindfulness education accessible to all, while also caring for our teachers– half of every dollar spent at Yoga District goes toward teacher pay. We are working hard to make sure all our teachers have health insurance, and our senior teachers with benefits get paid time off and education benefits. Our teachers get paid based on attendance, so it’s up to you- please support their and your own well-being by coming to class!

The other half of every dollar you spend with Yoga District goes towards everything from rent and expenses to supporting Yoga Activist yoga outreach programs to underserved communities in shelters, schools, jails, and beyond.

And, because we can’t help ourselves, we continue to foster a couple baby orphan elephants and anti-poaching / de-snaring efforts at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (baby Balguda pictured here).

Some important points about this year’s financials:

–       We made $1 million and we spent $1 million. We had a small “profit” of $2,000, aka 0.1% of our revenue.

–       We spent 23% of our gross income on rent, 13% on maintenance, 15% on salaries for four full time and six part time staff members, and 50% on teachers (see “Outside Services” on page 8 of the addendum on Statement 4 or 5).

Some things I found helpful to know when reviewing the documents:

– On page 8 of the addendum where Statements 4 and 5 are there is a category called “outside services” – CPA Michelle Biel explained that “Outside services is the amount you pay your yoga teachers as independent contractors.” To see how much we paid our four full time salaried employees, please see page one, line 13.

– On page one, line 13 notice that this amount is for salaried employees and part time employees and does not include our yoga teacher independent contractor pay (which is included on line 26). Please note that there are four full time employees and six part time employees supported by this figure of $150,329. Wow!

If you’re interested, last year’s financials are linked here.

There’s no limit to what we can do together. Thanks for being part of the movement.





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