Andrew, one of our beloved teachers, shares his reflections following the outcome of the presidential election.

So I believe part of my job as a yoga teacher as in life is to not avoid issues that may present themselves, to try and share a truth of myself and that of the students. In hope of demonstrating our shared existence and to celebrate each individual’s light.

I hope to both challenge and enrich, physically and emotionally. In being open with my own struggles, my joys and my aspirations; I try to demonstrate that our paths are often no different, the path of life generally has no right way.

The intention if followed by the action to do no harm is the only way, everything is possible and brighter when we avoid harm physically and emotionally.

I often feel so very blessed with kindness from others that my glass overflows with gratitude.

My job as a yoga teacher, as a person, is to pass on what little I think I know. My hope is to pass on the many instances of kindness and further enrich our shared tapestry, so we may all have glasses that overflow.

Do not be discouraged by the hurt of another, be buoyed to recognize it as an opportunity to share your love and understanding. Be a warrior, bring truth, there is no truer truth than love. Be love, you are unbreakable if you are love.

I love you and if it makes you feel better then go ahead build a wall if you must but know this, it is a cage for you. I will build bridges, ladders, passages, i will stand with those you think to lock out.

My geographical accident of birth did not make me more special but more actively responsible to reach out and share, to espouse my freedoms so we may all be free.

I can only be free when we are all free.

So I love you and hope to fully be of service in helping you break free from your hatred. Make no mistake it may hurt a little, nobody said it was going to be easy, doing no harm is sometimes fraught with struggle.

We rise to the same sun, it will be as such till we are no more. I’ll ask you to come sit next to me and will share my bread, this tree has fruit and shade enough for all of us.

I will watch out for you even when you least want me to, it is my way, be love.

Big love

Andrew Howard Bsc (Hons) Ost

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