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Autumn is such a great time to spend some time on a gentle detox or cleanse.

Do you have a knee-jerk reaction to the words “detox” or “cleanse”?

I run into a lot of people who think the idea is a hyped-up fad, or who have a lot of fear around it. I understand that, because there are a lot of scary practices and scary stories out there. I first started experimenting with detoxing when I was studying holistic nutrition 10 years ago, and I made some bad choices and had some less-than-optimal experiences. I also had some amazing health shifts, and the whole trial-and-error journey made me passionate about teaching people how to detox GENTLY. (GENTLY is the key word here.) I got so passionate about the topic that my book, Cleansing & Detox Made Simple, was published in 2014!

The good news is that practicing yoga – both the physical asanas and the pranayama (breath work) is detoxifying! The sweating, moving the arms above the head, being upside down, and twisting support the systems of the body in removing toxins. In fact, all exercise is great for detoxification.

What we normally think of as “a detox” involves food, right? What you put in your mouth – or what you don’t. That’s where the idea of detox can become scary. You might wonder what you have to give up, how you’ll find anything to eat, or if you have to fast on water or juice to make it worthwhile.

What I love about the amazing human body is that it can do a lot with a little. Making small changes can create big shifts in your energy, mental clarity, digestion, skin … and most importantly, I think, in your relationship with food. While a detox does help the body remove toxins (through the mindful practice of taking in fewer toxins), it also allows you to really examine what you’re eating and WHY.

Rather than being a harsh punishment, a detox can be a time of true self-nurture.

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So back to my opening line: why is autumn a great time for a detox?
– re-calibrates your body as the weather changes
– supports and improves the effectiveness of the immune system for cold & flu season
– gives you some calm, introspective time before the whirlwind of the holidays
– connects you with warming soups and stews made with seasonal vegetables

If you’re intrigued by the idea of an autumn detox, please join me on October 3 for a sweaty, twisty, playful flow practice followed by a discussion on how you can create a simple, gentle autumn detox for yourself!


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