Cookie + Kate

Cookie + Kate

Fight the frigid weather unleashed by the polar vortex with a bowl of warm homemade soup!  

While outside is a blanket of snow and brutal winds, enjoy some comfort food with these 3 healthy and delicious recipes.

Read on for the Soup Recipes and stay warm!

Busy week, no time to remember to eat, let alone eat healthy?

The key is make enough of any of these soup recipes to get several meals out of the them.  When possible try to use fresh ingredients.  Reap a great reward for minimal effort. 

Want to spread out your culinary enjoyment?

I recommend mason jars, or other glass containers that seal well because they will keep your food fresher longer. Plus all of the below recipes freeze well.

Why try these recipes?

I have made all of them frequently and to great success multiple times.  After any friend or family member has tasted them they have asked for the recipe. Now I share these beloved recipes with all you!

I am under the impression that all of these recipes are Vegan and Gluten- Free.

Please remember you can always alter any of the recipes I recommend to suit your dietary needs and preferences.

Cookie + Kate

Cookie + Kate

Cookie + Kate’s Quinoa Vegetable Soup here

There is some flexibility with this recipe.  Here are my tips:

  1. I prefer to use TriColor Quinoa because it adds a visual brightness to the soup and in my opinion a better flavor than just white quinoa.
  2. I use chickpeas over a northern bean since I always have a can of chickpeas in my kitchen pantry.
  3. I prepare the soup a bit light on the broth which makes it easier to store. Then I add a little water when I reheat it on the stove for the desired amount of broth.


Feed Me Phoebe

Feed Me Phoebe

 Feed Me Phoebe’s Creamy Vegan Pumpkin Soup here

 My recommendation:

 1. Pan toast some pepitas (pumpkin seeds) to sprinkle on top to add a nice crunch to the soup


Cookie + Kate

Cookie + Kate

Cookie + Kate’s Vegetarian Sweet Potato Chili here

My suggestions:

  1. This recipe works lovely in a slow cooker/crockpot. Add all ingredients in the morning and when you come home 7-8 hours later you have the meal waiting for you.
  2. You can prep ahead by chopping up all the vegetables the night before.

For further recipe exploration check out the food blogs that provided the above recipes:

Cookie+Kate is a wonderful food blog with an archive of creative vegetarian recipes.

Feed Me Phoebe is lovely food blog with a collection of gluten-free comfort food recipes that use convenient ingredients

All these recipes allow for some flexibility and playfulness in cooking.  Remember to have some fun in the kitchen!

Feel free to leave your favorite soup recipe or a comment below.


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