As the snow falls and temperatures keep dropping, it’s becoming painfully clear that winter is truly upon us. It’s so frigid that yoga may be the last things on our minds. We may found ourselves more interested in bundling up and thawing out at home than venturing out again into the cold to attend a class. But if you’ve been missing your mat and your fellow yogis here are five great poses to warm our bodies up to face the cold a little stronger:

1. Sun Salutation: Just thinking of the warmth of the sun makes me feel warmer!

2. Fish Pose: Opening up the throat and chest help us to breathe more fully. We may not have been taking the deepest breaths outside when the air is below zero.

3. Bow pose: Another chest opener that helps to relieve the tension induced by hunching against the cold.

4. Shoulderstand: Isn’t it great to enjoy an inversion after standing rigidly while bundled up?

5. Locust Pose: Another pose that helps our back muscles recover from the clenching they may do against the cold.

*Please ask your yoga instructor if you have questions about or need help with any of the poses mentioned above.

Source: http://blog.gaiam.com/yoga-for-all-seasons-winter/



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