LivelyHoods Unwind Yoga Flow 1-2

  • Monday, February 26
  • 14th Street Studio
  • 8:05 to 9:20 pm

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LivelyHoods aids Kenyan area women and youth.

Read on for why Hanna is dedicated to LivelyHoods and Yoga.

Why Donate to LivelyHoods?

LivelyHoods trains and employs disadvantaged youth and women in urban areas around Kenya to earn a sustainable income. 

It’s highly trained sales agents bring health, economic, and social benefits to low-income householdsThey sell clean energy products (such as clean-burning cookstoves) in their communities. These products save time and money while also preventing toxic emissions that can be fatal especially to young children.

Click here to learn more about LivelyHoods or to donate.



What LivelyHoods Means to Hanna

Hanna is currently a fellow with San-Francisco based nonprofit Mama Hope. Find out more about Mama Hope here

Her fellowship is based on sustainable development through smaller community based organizations and it pairs each fellow with an organization.

Hanna and LivelyHoods share a vision of a community where women and youth are employed, happy, and healthy.

What Yoga Taught Hanna?

Yoga has been an incredible part of my life. The strengthening aspect of yoga along with patience, vulnerability, and intention on and off the mat.

Vulnerability has really been an aspect of yoga that has been transformational to my life and relationships. Cultivating tenderness and vulnerability is incredibly difficult in our world.  I now lean into the discomfort and recognize it’s not the end of the world.

Why Practice Yoga?

Yoga is a completely different kind of workout for my body.

I am challenged to try new things and find a new sense of stillness. I love the workout that yoga provides, and to share that with other yogis is a wonderful experience.

Why Try Yoga?

Don’t overthink it!  Yoga could be viewed as intense but non-judgement is one of its core principles.

I hope that newcomers know that it’s a very open and caring community. Get on the mat and do what feels right. Don’t worry about what others are doing around you.

I love sharing yoga with new people. It’s incredibe to recognize the power and badassery in yogis.

Chaturanga Yoga Journal

Chaturanga- Yoga Journal

Yoga Pose that Most Represents Hanna’s Life

I would say a chaturanga. A chaturanga has a lot of moving parts: physical movement, the quieting of your mind, and breathing.

Chaturanga helps strengthens your core and find your center, something I am attempting at this point in my life.

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