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Meet Carla, one of Yoga District’s lovely teachers.

In these video she shares why she practices and teaches yoga.
Carla’s goal for her students: “The more they know themselves, the happier they will be.”


Introduction to Yoga

Sitting at a vegetarian restaurant in Lima Peru, Carla noticed students with mats on their way to the studio across the street. In that moment, her curiosity was piqued and she took her first yoga class. She left that class feeling happy and peaceful. So began her introduction yoga and  years of dedicated practice.


Why Yoga District 

Carla has been doing international development for 15 years. The mission of Yoga District and Yoga Activist resonated with her. Yoga District is a local cooperative of studios focused on providing accessibility of yoga to the community.

Taking classes at Yoga District supports the community run yoga collective offer affordable and by-donation classes along with helping its sister non-profit Yoga Activist.

Carla also loves the laid-back and warm atmosphere of Yoga District. She connected with teachers and now feels that connection with her students. She knew it was the right place for her.

Learn more about Carla here.


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