To celebrate Women’s History Month we are posting a series of interviews with members of the Yoga District community who identify as feminists. We recently spoke to Caroline, a student at Yoga District, about who inspires her, how yoga has shifted her relationship with her body, and how feminist ideals could make yoga a more positive experience for many women.

What do you love about being a yoga student?

I love getting to follow the inspiration and creativity of yoga teachers. Teachers put together such amazing sequences that are challenging, fun, and refreshing in ways that I could never have discovered on my own.

Who is a feminist who inspires you? Why?

Ruth Bader Ginsberg — she was brilliant, fought for gender equality, was kind and graceful, and could value people for their humanity rather than their politics

If you could choose any place to unroll your yoga mat, where would it be and why?

Anywhere?! The Seychelles. It looks so dreamy and I’d love to go someday.

Do you have advice for yoga teachers, staff and/or students on what they can do to make yoga classes more inclusive of feminist ideals and/or female-identifying participants?

Some yoga teachers make false or misleading comments (i.e. not backed by science) about what people can or should do on their periods. To make yoga classes more inclusive, teachers should let each practitioner decide what they are capable of on their periods (and really any time!)

Describe how you relate to your body differently because of yoga.

After years of competitive running, I had successfully trained my mind to ignore what my body was feeling; yoga taught me how to reconnect my body and mind. I learned how to listen to what my body was feeling and rest when I needed it.


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