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Danny, one of our lovely instructors, shares a little about his views and journey teaching Yin Yoga, Core Yoga, Tai Chai, and Qi Gong. Get to know Danny.


What is your name and what is your favorite style of class to teach, and why?
My name is Danny. I love teaching most styles yet particularly enjoy yin & core yoga, as well as any tai chi/gi gong.

Describe your personal circumstances or experiences that made you want to share yoga.
Seeing people move forward and change positively in their practice along with the realization they are developing and want to further their practice.

What advice do you have to other sharing or seeking to share yoga with others?
Compassion, patience and encouragement.

Please describe a challenging moment that you have experienced teaching, how you faced that challenge, and what you learned from it.
I have had a few challenging moments–for example, when there is a person with physical disabilities in the class, my teaching is under greater scrutiny. It forces me to be clearer and more precise with both my verbal communication and hands on attention. I learn greater compassion, patience and gratitude each time. Additionally, I am inspired by those who have physical disabilities and still continue living their life to the fullest.

What pose or practice do you like to teach to help students feel empowered? To relieve stress? Please describe how you saw this practice work with an individual or group.
I would say overall it’s helping the students to breathe. Unifying their breath with their mind/body is what empowers each individual to release their tension/stress –not just physically but also, once practiced enough, mentally and emotionally.

Describe a yoga posture, breath or meditation practice for which your students taught you a practical application.
I feel the wellness practices that I have been fortunate to study, which also include thai massage and medicine, water therapy and tibet rites, have been inspiring and help developed my practice in so many ways. Particularly as I mentioned, being more compassionate, patient and grateful — which in turn advances my own practice.

Could you describe any best practices in sharing yoga that you apply regularly in your classes?

What is your favorite thing to do around town?
Sampling new restaurants and exploring D.C. parks as well as the Smithsonian.

What is your favorite thing about the D.C. yoga community?
I would say its the friendly attitude and communal feel towards each other.

If you had to describe your life in the form of a yoga pose, which pose would it be?
In teaching both yoga and tai chi/qi gong, I would say that there are a number of poses which describe me. Yoga-wise the downward dog (simple yet complex in its entirety) and for tai chi, holding the ball (still movement).

How long have you been in DC?
3 years backwards and forwards from Australia and Asia, in particular, Bali, Singapore and HK. I actually went to High School and College in the US.

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