Mindfulness in Children blurb by Danielle Bulgrien, article by Crystal Schelle
photo credit: Ric Dugan

We often hear about how mindfulness can help us manage the stress of our busy, over-scheduled lives. What we may not realize is how mindfulness can be as useful for children as it is for adults. Children may not always grasp the meaning behind an emotion or how to respond to something they don’t like. As a result, they may act out or they resist an experience simply because they don’t have a full understanding of why they’re upset. Finding a way to practice the thought pattern, “this is something that may be negative now, but it will pass,” could be a great way to prepare children for the obstacles they face in elementary school, high school, and into adulthood.

The following article discusses how two Maryland mothers came to the realization that mindfulness training, coupled with yoga practice, would be a great method for helping children work through difficult experiences and emotions.

Open Minds Wants to Expose Children to Mindfulness by Crystal Schelle


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