King Pigeon“The body will open up when it feels safe.”

Read on to learn how Mike Giordano, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LICSW), explains when your body feels safe then you are mentally, physically and emotional more open.

He explores how what you learn in a yoga class can be carried over into the rest of your life.


WheelOne of my yoga teachers says this at the beginning of every one of her classes.  It something that really resonates with me.

I always understood it as her way of reminding us to be attuned to our bodies, to trust them, respect their needs and desires.

Maybe that day your body (mind) needs some extra consideration or you desire some exploration. Either way you practice accordingly.


King Pigeon

King Pigeon- Jason Crandell

Mike Giordano shares the impact of his yoga teacher explaining the importance of safety when attempting King Pigeon (Eka Pada Raja- kapotasana). It is an advanced pose and deep backbend that requires calmness, flexibility and openness.  

His yoga instructor said, “[t]he body will open up when it feels safe.” To Giordano this powerful statement meant, “ when your body feels a sense of calmness and confidence, it can then attempt new things and new positions. It’s not fighting against itself to stay safe. In the serenity, it can become more flexible, daring, and open.”

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