Meet Alfredo, one of our teachers at Yoga District. Learn about his experiences with yoga and how he recommends students can deepen and grow comfortable in their practices.

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  • Tuesday 6:35 PM, Meditative Flow 1-2 @ 14th Street

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Practicing Yoga

I came to yoga by chance. At the gym I was strengthening my core with pilates when I saw a yoga class in session. Intrigued by the poses and flows, I decided to try it and was instantly hooked. I was fortunate to have a great teacher, who encouraged me throughout my practice. She is the reason that I practice and teach today. Thank you, Karuna Maze.

Yoga gave me a different perspective on my life. It taught me to try to live a more purposeful life, to remember to live in the moment, and notice the beauty around me. I also try to be open to things and experiences since it’s worth trying something out at least once.

I had the opportunity to travel to India. In an ashram, I practiced yoga and its traditions alongside other yogis. I learned from ancient traditions through things like breathing techniques and yoga chants.

teacher Alfredo

Teaching Yoga

In my classes, students can expect to experience a welcoming, safe space to practice and grow. I provide clear instructions that include options and variations for poses. Most importantly, I want you to experience the joy in every yoga asana.

Sharing yoga with others gives me a lot of joy. In the busy existence that is D.C., I have found it  important to find ways to relax, and I look forward to teaching and seeing my students grow in their practices and seeing the happiness it brings to their lives.


Advice to New and Current Yoga Students

If you are new to yoga, then don’t be afraid. Yoga is a journey and we experience it in different ways. It’s not a competition. Listen to your body.

Current students should not give up. We all experience yoga practice differently.  If you are goal-oriented, you can set goals for your practice such as achieving a certain pose or finding a more meditative practice. Know that each time you show up for practice, you are setting time aside for yourself. Be thankful for the opportunity.

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