Meet Heather, one of our teachers at Yoga District! Learn how her yoga practice and teaching emphasize body awareness , exploration, joy, and play.

“[Y]oga provides us with the opportunity to really get to know our individual bodies. As we try new poses, the process of learning is an opportunity to explore and play.”

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  • Wednesday, 5:30 PM: Flow Yoga 1-1.5 @ Online
  • Thursday, 6:45 PM: Flow Yoga 1-1.5 @ Online

The Healing Power of Yoga

I found yoga in my early 20s when I was in graduate school. I was dealing with the anxiety of being a new grad student. As I spent my days reading and writing, I felt disconnected from my body. I saw yoga as a kind of workout, or as something that would help me deal with anxiety. Yoga helped me improve my physical and mental health.

As I explored more of the philosophy of yoga, I began to see yoga as something more than the classes. It is a way of living. I became invested in yoga as I read more about its ethical and spiritual practices.


Sharing and Learning

I love working with beginners because they eventually find the same love for yoga I found so many years ago. I remember how my first few classes as a beginner helped me experience my body in a different way. As I continued to take more classes, I felt more connected to my body. I got excited to learn what my body could do. I love teaching folks who are new to yoga because I see that joy in them and it helps me see my own yoga practice with fresh eyes.

Before I taught yoga, I worked for many years as a women’s studies professor. Teaching yoga helps me appreciate the body-mind connection and how that connection increases receptivity. Now,  I am more attentive to how students feel as they learn. I view learning from a holistic perspective.


Getting to Know Our Bodies

My most inspiring yoga moment was the first time I did a handstand. I knew the cues, such as where to put your hands and how to kick up your leg. I knew how to do it, but I couldn’t make my body do what I wanted. So, I played with the pose. Making sure to stay safe, I just explored the ways my body could get upside down. I felt my way through it.
Eventually playing with the pose helped me do a handstand. I adapted the cues to my body, customizing my approach as I learned more about how my body moved. I’m still in progress working on my handstand. But, I learned a wonderful lesson: yoga provides us with the opportunity to really get to know our individual bodies. As we try new poses, the process of learning is an opportunity to explore and play.


Online Classes with Yoga District

I think the online environment is different from an in-person experience. They each offer different advantages. For example, as we’ve shifted to online classes, I’ve been able to practice more because I don’t have to travel to a studio. It’s just so easy to turn my computer on and join a class. I also think online classes can be wonderful for beginners who are feeling shy about yoga. They have the opportunity to take virtual classes with their cameras off.
I love the way that Yoga District structures online classes. They are very interactive. Students can use the chat feature to check in with their teachers before class and make requests. Even though we’re not practicing in the same physical space, the online classes give me a sense of community. I feel connected, and I really look forward to them. I will be happy when we have the opportunity to practice in-person again. There are a lot of wonderful things about in-person yoga classes, and I miss them! For my personal yoga practice in the future, I will combine in-person and online classes.

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