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The description for Yoga District’s upcoming Introductory Ayurveda Workshop begins, “Ever heard the words vata, pitta, or kapha around the yoga studio and wondered what they meant?”

Personally I have always wanted to learn more about ayurveda but had never heard the terms “vata,” “pitta,” or “kapha” before. According to ayurvedic philosophy, our physical, spiritual, and emotional constitutions manifest as three different energies or doshas. These are said to be determined at the moment of conception, but the proportion of each dosha in your life is affected by environment, diet, climate, age, and other factors.

YD’s workshop will provide an in-depth exploration of ayurveda, but here’s a quick overview to get you further acquainted with the three doshas…

VATA: Those who tend towards a Vata constitution are said to be creative and quick thinkers. When they are out of balance they are prone to distraction, worry, and anxiety. Yoga Journal recommends a slow, meditative yoga practice for vata doshas. Particularly helpful poses include Tadasana (mountain pose), Vrkasana (tree pose), and Balasana (child’s pose).

PITTA: When balanced, Pitta doshas are often focused, driven, and goal-oriented. When there is an imbalance, this energy is displayed in bouts of anger, outbursts, and criticism. Poses recommended by Yoga Journal include mild and restorative activity like twists and forward folds.

KAPHA: Kapha doshas tend to be loyal, patient, and grounded. When imbalanced, individuals prone to kapha energy can be stubborn, lethargic, and depressed. Yoga Journal suggests heat-building poses like sun salutations, backbends, and inversions.

There is so much more to ayurveda and doshas, but hopefully this will get you started on your journey towards understanding “the knowledge of life.” And be sure to check out Yoga District’s Workshop on Ayurveda on May 10!

by Kelley Seay

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