For nearly two decades we’ve been donating yoga mats to yoga outreach programs around the world. From programs with the Peace Corps in the Sahara desert to local DC schools, we clean, pack, and ship out mats to those in need. We ensure that the yoga outreach programs we support are going to be ongoing and regular. That way we are sure the yoga mats we donate are put to good use. Pictured here are mats with Echo Troops of the US Armed Forces Abroad, which received mats from Yoga District. We hope they experience many stress-free moments on the mats we sent! 


We collect mats at Yoga District studios, and we collect mats from other studios and individuals too. Organizations hosting yoga events that no longer need mats after their event send mats our way. Sometimes, yoga mat manufacturers or distributors have extra mats to spare too.


We wouldn’t be able to cover the costs of cleaning, packing, and shipping the mats, without your support. The heavy lifting is handled by the amazing volunteers dedicated to the program. So when you get on the mat with us, remember that your regular practice at Yoga District is what makes this program happen. Together, we can do some good! 


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