Senior teacher Kat K is always exploring the connectivity of asana, body, mind and health. Learn about her upcoming Yoga and Fertility workshop and how this divine practice can impact the process of conception.

Fertile. Lush. Abundant. Fruitful. Bountiful. Generative. Creative.

In terms of humans beings, we use the word “fertile” to refer to the ability to have children.

Yoga, as asana, breathing and meditation, can be useful in creating fertile ground for the conception of a baby and these practices also support an experience of wholeness during the process itself. Let’s look at how this works from a biological perspective:

1. STRESS REDUCTION. Yoga can increase our body awareness and help us identify and reduce stress in our lives. It also has been shown to lower levels of cortisol, one of the by-products of stress, in our bodies.

2.INCREASE BLOOD FLOW. Asana, especially hip openers, can increase blood flow to the pelvis. A continuous flow of nutrient and oxygen rich blood is important to keep the organs in this area functioning as effectively as possible. Asana practice can help release tightness that can restrict this flow.

3. IMPROVED DIGESTION. Yoga is also known also improve digestion. This means that it can support the assimilation of more nutrients so that we get to be more nourished to generate something new.

We can also examine how the model of Kriya Yoga, the yoga of action, as put forth by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras, supports a feeling of wholeness in the process of creation. Kriya Yoga consists of Tapas (purification practices), Svadhyaya (self-study) and Isvara Pranidhana (surrender to the divine). Now, let’s look at how the three parts of this process, codified at least 1700 years ago, can aid the process of making a baby:

1. TAPAS. Tapas is about burning away what is toxic or unnecessary. This can be done through physical postures, breathing practices, and even the direction of attention. This creates space – overtly in the physical body, but also in the mind, spirit and our general orientation towards life. Increased space then gives the opportunity for something new to happen and deliberately setting up a cleaner vessel in all dimensions can support having a child that is as healthy as possible.

2. SVADHYAYA. Svadhyaya is study of the self. This can refer to the individual self and well as the aspect of self that unites us all. The process of svadhyaya can include self reflection, journaling, and the study of sacred texts among other practices. This might be as simple as looking at stress pattern and eliminating their root causes or as deep as looking at what is means to be alive. One way this process can be useful in supporting fertility as we are able to more clearly see ourselves to change patterns that might not be serving our deeper intentions.

3. ISVARA PRANIDHANA – Literally, this means surrendering to the divine. When we surrender, we experience the immediate benefit of decreased anxiety as our attachment to things that we can’t control deceases. We become more able to embrace whatever happens. Interestingly, letting go has also been associated with increased chances of getting pregnant:

Come join me in a workshop on October 25 to explore some practices that nurture this creative process and encourage greater ease, receptivity, and self-love!

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