Meet Stacey, one of our teachers at Yoga District. She finds empowerment through self-love and trying new things in her
practice. Learn what four key lessons her yoga practice has taught her about herself and about life.

It’s such an amazing feeling to know that you can travel across the globe and find your people in no time through the
practice of yoga.

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  • Monday 6:35PM, Flow Yoga 1-2 @ Dupont
  • Wednesday 12:30PM, Powerful Flow Yoga 1.5-3 @ Dupont
  • Thursday 12:15PM, Flow Yoga (all levels) @ 14th Street
  • Thursday 5:15PM, Flow Yoga 2-3 @ 14th Street
  • Thursday 6:35PM, Flow + Yin (all levels) @ 14th Street
  • Friday 12:30PM, Flow Yoga 1.5-3 @ H Street
  • Saturday 10:15AM, Strong + Sweaty Flow Yoga 1.5-3 @ Dupont

Introduction to Yoga and Inspiration

I was initially drawn to yoga for the workout. I stayed for the inner peace and countless life lessons found on and off the mat. Over the past decade, I’ve witnessed the transformation of self-doubt into confidence, intimidation into determination, and external desires into internal awareness.

One of the most inspiring moments since beginning my practice happened when I dropped back into wheel for the first time. My entire life prior to that moment was divided into things that I could do and things that were possible only for other people. I’d crashed and burned with wheel pose many times as a child, so I had permanently filed it in the ‘nope’ category. To accomplish this as an adult was the first time I realized that abilities are not set in stone, and there is no real limit to what one might be able to accomplish as long as we show up and try.

In class, I like to include crow pose because it offers a similar opportunity for many people. It’s a gateway pose that at first feels so awkward, challenging, and frustrating. Eventually, it becomes proof that you’ve totally got this, which can be a very empowering experience.

Learning from Yoga

Yoga taught me four very important lessons not just about myself, but about life:

  • 1. Compassion: specifically self-compassion, and its direct correlation with how you are able to show up for others 
  • 2. Acceptance: of situations, myself, and other people exactly as they are in a current moment
  • 3. Anything is possible: things might look different for each of us at any given time, but with honest dedication and practice, the only limits that exist are the ones in our minds 
  • 4. The importance of stillness: physically demanding practices may have my heart, but it’s the slow, quiet ones where I learn the most

Stacey’s Yoga Classes

I teach many different styles and flows. Generally, students in my classes can expect an energetic and challenging practice. This includes breathwork and dynamic movement to cleanse the body and focus the mind. I like to provide the space and opportunity for people to meet themselves where they are in that moment. I encourage students to try new things with a gentle nudge to explore beyond their comfort zone or expectations, especially with scary or intimidating poses. It challenges beliefs about what they can or cannot achieve.

Lastly, I am always thrilled when someone falls out of a pose or wobbles. It means they opted out of playing it safe. My classes are a place to challenge oneself while still loving oneself.

Yoga Community

In addition to our amazing DC yoga family, I have been overwhelmed by the love from the global yoga community. I enjoy international travel and practice at various studios whenever and wherever possible. The diverse practices humble and inspire me. It’s an amazing feeling to know you can travel across the globe and find your people through the practice of yoga.

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