Yoga District has a variety of workshops and a local retreat in December that can help your body adjust to the colder weather and earlier sunsets of winter.  Whether you are looking for something active, spiritual, mindful, or inspirational then there is a workshop to fit your needs.  Please feel free to comment below and provide any suggestions for future YD workshops. Thanks!

– May Your Back Bend: A Back Bending Workshop– Work your Core!: Development Drills for Your Yoga Practice – Soul Journey: Live Music All-Levels Flow for Inner Peace– Day Long Meditation Retreat (Donations TO YOGA ACTIVIST)
– Intro to Meridian Flow Yoga– Yoga for Positive Body Image (Donations to Rock Recovery)

                              Read on for each workshop’s description, date, studio location, and registration link.




May Your Back Bend: A Back Bending Workshop

12/2/2017        2:00pm – 4:00pm         14th Street studio         Sign up here

Designed to help you fall in love with backbends, or at least understand them better. Teacher Andrea D. will focus on the actions that will lengthen your spine and open your chest while strengthening and decompressing your lower back. 

You’ll start on your back, working with props to gently gain awareness and space then build heat with sun salutations, standing poses, and core work through a backbend-focused sequence. You’ll leave this workshop feeling energized, challenged, and with a new love for back bending.

Work your Core!: Development Drills for Your Yoga Practice

12/9/2017        4:45pm – 6:45pm         14th Street studio         Sign up here

CJ and Marissa’s workshop will take your practice to the next level with overview drills to supplement your yoga routine. It will cover the basic mechanics of vinyasa with ways to strengthen them along with movements that will help your inversions and overall practice. Plan to sweat and smile and make sure to bring some socks because you will be sliding!


Intro to Meridian Flow Yoga

12/2/2017        4:00pm – 6:00pm        Bloomingdale        Sign up here

Teacher Emily R’s meridian line yoga flow workshop is great for advanced beginners and seasoned yogis. You will explore the physical locations of meridians and how to activate specific lines throughout a yoga class. The workshop will begin with a lecture and discussion on meridians, their alignment in yoga practice, and how to use them in your home sequence or during a group class. After the lecture, you will practice a 75 minute physical asana class (where you can apply your meridian learnings).

Soul Journey: Live Music All-Levels Flow for Inner Peace

12/10/2017        2:30pm – 4:30pm        14th Street studio         Sign up here

Join teacher Marci and visiting musician Sagit Silberman for a special journey of sound, reflection, flow, and meditation. Marci will guide you through an all levels flow class with an inner reflective journey. She’ll lead chanting, thoughtful journaling, a flowing yoga practice, and a guided meditation. Throughout the workshop, Sagit will provide potent improvising sound, using 10 different instruments, to help you attune to the depths of your being. Please bring a notebook, pen, and an open heart, with an intention to journey.


Yoga for Positive Body Image (Donations to Rock Recovery)

12/16/2017        4:00pm – 6:00pm        Bloomingdale        Sign up here

All bodies are welcome! No experience with yoga is necessary. Through yoga practice, mindfulness, and body awareness exercises, you will begin to explore how yoga can be a part of developing and maintaining a more positive body image.

All proceeds will be donated to Rock Recovery (non-profit that provides affordable care for clients with eating disorders).


Day Long Meditation Retreat (Donations TO YOGA ACTIVIST)

12/16/2017        8:00am- 6:00pm        I street        Sign up & retreat’s schedule here  

Explore a day of seated and walking meditation practices as well as two awareness-based yoga classes. Guided by deeply experienced meditator Ben, the practices are designed to build clarity of emotion, balance in body and mind, and a deep awareness of your personal nature.

All retreat proceeds to be donated to Yoga Activist (non-profit for yoga outreach with social service organizations).

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