As a part of its mission to serve the local community, Yoga District (YD) regularly works with corporate clients to bring yoga to the workplace. Some of these clients are those who need yoga the most, as they are hitting the grind every day in their busy jobs.

We are showcasing the experiences of some of our corporate clients in a new blog series called “Workplace Features” so that our community can learn more about this initiative. Additionally, as an incentive to get more organizations on board with this program, through March, YD is offering a $50 gift card to any student who successfully refers their workplace for a minimum six-week workplace series.

Today’s responses are from Aravind, a representative of an international research firm.

Overall, how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with your experience? Please explain.

Very satisfied.

How well did the instructor and overall class meet your needs? Please give examples, if applicable.

Kate A. has been a wonderful yoga teacher, and has managed to create an environment of calm in the fluorescent-lit kitchen area where we meet (not easy!). She is responsive to our requests and daily energy levels.

How likely are you to contact Yoga District again for your wellness needs?

I will continue to contact Yoga District for my workplace, private, and studio yoga needs.

How likely are you to recommend Yoga District to a friend or colleague? Please explain.


How would you describe the initial experience and responsiveness of the Yoga District team? Please give examples, if applicable.

It’s been great. YD has worked with us very flexibly to adapt our class and payment structure to our needs.

Please reflect on how the yoga classes offered at your organization are benefiting your employees’ health. For example, stress and tension reduction, increased alertness, ability to react more calmly in demanding situation, and general well being. Please use examples, if applicable.

[. . .] I/we appreciate the stress and tension reduction, and the calm and aware state of mind. Several of us also have physical issues with our necks and backs, and we rely on these classes to alleviate these issues.

How have the yoga classes offered at your organization allowed for community building to develop in your workplace? Please give examples, if applicable.

Those of us who have attended the classes regularly have bonded, despite the fact that we all come from different departments/divisions of the organization. Typically, we only get to interact regularly with folks who work in the same areas as us.

How do you feel yoga classes are impacting employee morale at your organization? Please give examples, if applicable.

I think they are good for morale. Even those who don’t attend seem to appreciate that it’s something we offer. The classes are now featured in our orientation and recruiting materials, so the organization clearly thinks that yoga classes have an appeal to those who may join us.

If you are interested in bringing YD to your workplace, contact [email protected].

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