Meet Chuck, one of our teachers at Yoga District! Learn about Chuck’s passion for Yin Yoga and how it has helped him overcome addiction in recovery. 

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  • Monday, 6:15-7:30 PM: Yin Yoga @ online
  • Tuesday, 6:30 PM: Yin & Yang Yoga @ 14th St. Meridian Hill: lower level near the fountain (16th & W St NW)

Teaching Yoga Online

I love teaching Yin Yoga online. It allows for a relaxed practice in the comfort of one’s own home. I enjoy sharing the surrender, stillness, and healing aspects of Yin yoga with my students. I offer deeply relaxing, and meditative practices. My classes also offer options for adding challenges that expand physical and mental boundaries. 

I am drawn to teaching Yin yoga to help others be comfortable in finding their stillness within themselves. I integrate Hatha and Vinyasa Flow into my Yin & Yang classes (1, 2). Also, I emphasis the movement of chi and balancing subtle energetic systems (3).

My favorite part about teaching online is the opportunity for students’ fur babies to join practice! My own friend, Porsha the cat, often makes an appearance.

Overcoming Addiction through Yoga

I am an addict in recovery, and I turned to yoga during rehab as a tool for confronting my addiction. This month I am celebrating two years of sobriety and yoga has been critical to overcoming my addiction.

My most triumphant yoga moment happened on my birthday this past year. I camped overnight at Catoctin Mountain in northern Maryland (4). At dawn, I woke up to hike Chimney Rock. I meditated and practiced yoga at the summit at the time of day I was born (5). It was a true mountaintop experience. It showed me how far I have come.

I am so grateful for yoga. As well as the amazing teachers and supportive friends, which have made this journey possible. I hope to share the power of yoga with others in recovery (6).


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