Tis the season for winter holidays!  With all the season’s joy and celebrations, some also find a bit of stress related to gift giving. So let’s get intentional and sustainable as we give. Just consider your recipient’s taste and needs, while also making gifting decisions that have a positive social, economic, and environmental impact (1.)  For some that seems like a challenge, but there’s an easy way to do this while bringing joy to both the gifter and the giftee. 


Thoughtful giving comes from a practice of mindfulness. Being mindful means paying attention to the present moment without judgment. Why not practice this during the holidays? Gift giving is entwined with compassion, gratitude, and love. Mindfully considering the person to whom you are giving is a wonderful way to express care and deepen connections.


Thoughtful Gift of Sharing a Cooked MealShift your habitual notions of giving and instead focus on trying to tailor your present to the person or your relationship with them. Material items often break or become outdated so instead use your unique skills and creativity to share an experience or homemade gift. For example, if you enjoy cooking and baking then you might drop off cookies you made or invite them over to a meal you have prepared. Maybe photography is your passion so you could gifting them a photograph you have taken or give them a photography lesson.  

Another option is to give your time and energy to help them with a specific need. Ask your giftees about their needs? Are you an organized person and they wish to have their closet reorganized? Do they want to be more active and you agree to do yoga classes or go on a walk with them?


Shop sustainably and  being more environmentally conscious We live in a consumerist culture with constant pressures to buy, buy, buy. To break this cycle of unbridled consumerism, try to practice intentionality in each of your purchases. Shopping sustainably can not only help cut down on waste and pollution but save you money as well! 

To learn how to  shop sustainably (shrinking the ecological footprint of your purchases) check out our Conscious Consumption + Holiday Gift Guide

Additionally, making your own gift might be an excellent way to celebrate this year. Maybe you care about decreasing consumerism (environmental sustainability) or finances are tighter (wish to spend less). If yes to either or both then upcycling might be a good option for you. Upcycling is the act of creating something of value out of something that would have otherwise been thrown out (2). Find some  interesting materials out there and give them a new life. Learn more about it from our Great Creative with Upcycling Post

Here’s to finding gifting joy this holiday gifting season!

By Charon K.


  1. Conscious Consumerism: What it is, Why it Matters, and How to Become a More Conscious Consumer, https://bschool.pepperdine.edu/blog/posts/conscious-consumerism.htm
  2. What is Upcycling?, https://www.treehugger.com/what-is-upcycling-5116081

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